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Questions For Reading 2

31 Aug

This article brings up a few questions, the most prominent is: with the ease of appropriating work in the digital world does it matter what the original piece was about?  I mean the new peace usually conveys a different meaning on purpose.

More so does some appropriation lead itself to only being appropriated art as it’s meaning?  The constant remakes of Obama pictures seems to have lost the original meaning in it and reduce it to a “try this” idea to aspiring artists.  Does this then become the meaning?

Questions for Reading 1

22 Aug

Main questions from reading the article.

It seems that they have taken out the idea of physical creation with digital revamping and coloring, is this something that hasn’t been done a lot of or does it lend itself to to much of a hybrid thought?

The other question steams from the idea of what is art really?  Does everything that’s made in photo shop get considered art?