Questions For Reading 3

19 Sep

I don’t know how much I believe that comics have the stigma proposed by this article, and if they do it is quietly disappearing.  Although I do think comics are in a growing stage, I would think that the current convergence of media and mediums allows for the combination of printed word and pictures to explore vast new options, illustrated in movies such as Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World as well as art such as graffiti that draw power from both worlds.

I guess my main question is why does it feel that this idea of combining word and text is limited to advertisements and comic books?

Even wider though on the combination leads me to wonder if the subject even need to be explored?  I mean art can have many ideals/techniques behind it and can express even more.   But in essence it is their as an expression, but does it matter how it expresses it?  Should it not be at the authors discretion on how that expression comes threw, be it a prose or a photograph (or both?)

I believe (and I think many would agree) that words came to replace symbolism and drawings as the most literal and direct way of describing something.  Yet both can enjoy the same functions and it almost seems futile to try and separate them.  It feels odd to me that we differentiate so much between words and pictures when both of them can show and tell.


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