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28 Dec

I have created a website for my art, you can go ahead and view it here.




Hopefully the site will grow soon.

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16 Nov

I don’t know how much I believe in the statement in the book about Art Historical Context and how “if your not well informed about the history of art, past and recent,you are at a disadvantage…” I truthfully don’t have much of an art history knowledge except certain artists that I particularly enjoy. I don’t feel this sets me back, I feel it gives me more freedom. I don’t feel constrained by whats come before, only inspired by the new artists I’m opened up to. I think the example of George Washington Carver shows that historical context is only important when it relates to current context. I don’t feel the recreating artist is recreating the scene to poke fun at the original artist,nor does he care about the historical context of the original painting. he’s trying to prove a point which he does threw comparison. Is this really historical context? I think this is more cultural context.

This further draws the question is historical context only important when it’s their to prove a point? It feels to me that if this is the case art that draws on historical context must only be relevant as long as the point it argues is. It feels to me that art drawn from this concept become footnotes in the art world, but becomes necessary in the anthropology.

I have no questions on any other types of context though. It is typically difficult to understand many artists meanings without context, and the evolution of art would be nowhere without it.

Questions for reading 5

17 Oct

Time is in my mind the hardest dimension to work threw art, although I greatly enjoy it. It’s questionable to me if it’s always a good thing, some commercials and TV shows are stuck in the same format forever and time is imposed upon the artist.

More so artists that create art that requires the viewers time may turn off people with short attention spans? In scriptwriting most scenes are planned to last 30 words, but their is no basic strategy to actual motion in art. Maybe we should work on developing this with studies, lol.

Questions for Reading (Video) 4

3 Oct

I really like interactive art like the Phonetic Faces but this one in particular drove a weird thought in me, at what point does that become art?  It seems that just because it drives threw a gallery of pictures that it’s art, but looking up pictures of faces on Google would almost encompass the same thing.   Is it then the interactivity that makes it art or does this just fall in line with a digital gallery?

The scanner on the other hand seems artistic in it’s creation, and I really enjoy that even after the original impression is composed it is re-edited and printed in various formats, it really shows that digital art can grow into various physical dimensions.  My only problem with this is doesn’t the re-editing take away from the original purpose?  If we are supposed to see these digitally compressed pictures then changing that seems to lessen the impact.

Questions For Reading 3

19 Sep

I don’t know how much I believe that comics have the stigma proposed by this article, and if they do it is quietly disappearing.  Although I do think comics are in a growing stage, I would think that the current convergence of media and mediums allows for the combination of printed word and pictures to explore vast new options, illustrated in movies such as Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World as well as art such as graffiti that draw power from both worlds.

I guess my main question is why does it feel that this idea of combining word and text is limited to advertisements and comic books?

Even wider though on the combination leads me to wonder if the subject even need to be explored?  I mean art can have many ideals/techniques behind it and can express even more.   But in essence it is their as an expression, but does it matter how it expresses it?  Should it not be at the authors discretion on how that expression comes threw, be it a prose or a photograph (or both?)

I believe (and I think many would agree) that words came to replace symbolism and drawings as the most literal and direct way of describing something.  Yet both can enjoy the same functions and it almost seems futile to try and separate them.  It feels odd to me that we differentiate so much between words and pictures when both of them can show and tell.

Questions For Reading 2

31 Aug

This article brings up a few questions, the most prominent is: with the ease of appropriating work in the digital world does it matter what the original piece was about?  I mean the new peace usually conveys a different meaning on purpose.

More so does some appropriation lead itself to only being appropriated art as it’s meaning?  The constant remakes of Obama pictures seems to have lost the original meaning in it and reduce it to a “try this” idea to aspiring artists.  Does this then become the meaning?

Questions for Reading 1

22 Aug

Main questions from reading the article.

It seems that they have taken out the idea of physical creation with digital revamping and coloring, is this something that hasn’t been done a lot of or does it lend itself to to much of a hybrid thought?

The other question steams from the idea of what is art really?  Does everything that’s made in photo shop get considered art?